Delish Greek Yogurt (125 g x 3) - Classic, Mixed Berries & Mango

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US$ 4.87


Delish Greek Yogurt (125 g x 3) - Classic, Mixed Berries & Mango

Delish Dairies has launched Delish, a Greek yogurt that’s made in Nepal. In fact, it’s the first “Made in Nepal” Greek yogurt available for consumers. Delish entered the market earlier this month, with four different Greek yogurts under its label.

  • Greek yogurt is considered to be a very healthy food option.
  • That’s because Greek yogurt has less sugar, almost half the amount of sodium, and twice the amount of protein than regular yogurt.
  • It’s also less in carbs and easy to digest, making it a great choice among healthy eaters.
  • The creamy texture of Greek yogurt makes it a suitable ingredient for salads and dips.
  • Delish claims that its yogurts are all-natural and have no added preservatives.
  • Flavors: Classic, Mixed Berries and Mango
  • Volume: 125 g x 3
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