Channel Hits VCD Vol. 6

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Samjhana Audio Video Presents

Channel Hits VCD Vol. 6

1. Intro/Warning

2. Promos of Channel HIts VCD 1,2,3,4,5 and 5

3. Sannaniko

Artist/Album: Sudeep Giri(Frenz), Direction: Suraj Singh Thakuri

4. Saathi

Artist/Album: Sugam Pokharel(Sutra), Direction: Asif Shah

5. Prakriti

Artist/Album: The Shadows(Hidne Manchhe Ladchha), Direction: Pranab Joshi

6. JPT

Artist/Album: Andazification(JPT), Direction: Andazification

7. Priyetama

Artist/Album: Anil Singh(Audience), Direction: Alok Nembang

8. Chhaina Maile

Artist/Album: Karma(SMS), Direction: Asif Shah

9. Timi Bata

Artist/Album: Raman Singh Shrestha(Sacrifice), Direction: Alok Nemwang

10. Hey Morie

Artist/Album: Axix(Black N White), Direction: Shristi

11. Anamika

Artist/Album: Sushil Shrestha(Anamika), Direction: Udaya Sijapati

12. Chari Udyo

Artist/Album: Suroj Dutta(Aath), Direction: Suraj Shah

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