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  • Dilip Yonjan’s AMULYA by Music Nepal
  • Dilip Yonjanka Aadhunik Geet Gajalharu
  • Lyrics by Dilip Yonjan
  • Arrangers: Shila B. Moktan, Manohar Sunam, Amul Karki and Manoj Rajbhandari
  • Songs List:



    Gaun Besima

    Rajesh Payal Rai

    Jhal Jhali Dekhchu

    Pabitra Subba

    Gitaika Roye

    Ram Krishna Dhakal

    Anshu Pie

    Lakpa Sherpa

    Karti Bhanu

    Rajesh and Lochan

    Rojeko Phool

    Sapana Shree

    Royera Bhayan

    Nishan Bhattarai

    Pardesh Jane

    Sunita Subba

    Dukhi Rahane Mann

    Uday sotang

    Sadhai Chati

    Yam Baral

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