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Songs of Ananda Adhikari


Anand Adhikari, son of Madhav Raj Adhikari and Alka Devi Adhikari, born on 16th of Jan 1969 in Kathmandu is a prolific lyricist and is most rewarded individual in his field. His interested in the field was kindled at a very young age when he started writing poems. It is talent progressed and stepped into the competitive field of song writing in 1990. Thereafter there was no looking back. This talented individual has more than 70 golded songs to his credit which has adorned famous movies of Nepali cinema and various famous music albums.

His out look towards life is reflected in his lyrics, as so he believes that in the fast track and changing materialistic world, music provides solace and calm to every busy man. The best way therefore, he feels is that this medium of songs is themost apt one, through which he can propagate the rich Nepali Culture and tradition, re-kindle the patriotism amongst the country men and give a lunch pad to enhance the status of Nepali literature further a head both inside and outside of the country.

Most of his songs have a philosophical tinge and depict the offinity of the Nepalese towards love, life, nature and patiotism and also he is the man who is still searching the folklore. This latest album Aarshee(Mirror) is dedicated to his flower like daughter. It is a jukebox and a stupendous mix of eight melodious and evengreen songs. The songs inside this album have already created ripples in the 'ocean of music' by winning a numbers of awards. Therefore, Aarshee is a milestone in the musical history of Nepal.

1. Hira Katne(5:30)

Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal, Music: Aalok Shree

2. Mann Rahe Po(5:43)

Vocal: Yam Baral, Music: Aalok Shree

3. Orali Lageko(5:23)

Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal, Music: Nhyoo Bajracharya

4. Hansi-Hansi(5:58)

Vocal: Yam Baral, Music: Nhyoo Bajracharya

5. Hajari Phool(4:33)

Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal, Music: Aalok Shree

6. Bhari Mano(5:31)

Vocal: Yam Baral, Music: Aalok Shree

7. Sukha Ta Magna(4:45)

Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal, Music: Nir Man Gurung

8. Yo Kanchhiko(4:04)

Vocal: Yam Baral, Music: Madan Singh Nepali

9. Mathi Tare Bhir(4:52)

Vocal: Yam Baral, Music: Aalok Shree

10. Hira Katne(5:30)- Music Track

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