Calvet Varietals Chardonnay White Wine (750ml) (CHT061)

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A light settling and racking which produces extra fattiness and complexity. Selected yeast strains (originating from Burgundy) which  bring out a panoply of aromas. Fermentation at 16-18 °C.
Racking to separate the wine from its heavy yeast lees. Yeast stirrings which add fattiness, complexity and longevity.

Colour: A yellow colour with golden highlights
Nose: Fruity aromas but also floral, creamy, exotic, round with notes of hazelnuts.

Recommendations: This wine can be served with Dim Sum ou CrÉole cuisine. A daring match with ThaÏ chicken. A classic food pairing with a bouillabaisse or scallops

Alcohol content: 13%

This item weighs 1.5 k.g. This item is available in Bharatpur

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