Black & White Forest Cake 3 Pound (CHT007)

This item is not available in Kathmandu/Lalitpur/Bhaktapur.

Seller Muncha

US$ 24.70

US$ 24.70


Two Floored Black Forest Cake

Black and white forest cake are attached together here as a single cake where the lower base is black forest and the upper one is white forest with delicious flowers at the top adding beauty to the cake. Black Forest Cake, a Lip smacking Fresh cream Cake, sprinkled with chocolate shavings. The exotic taste of Black Forest brings refreshment, whipped cream and chocolate in layers of chocolate sponge cake and white forest comes besides adding sweeter and fresh taste.

Note:Design and garnishing may change according to season.


This item weighs 2 k.g. This item is available in Bharatpur

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