Valentine's Day Card (rv000121) (GCPKR030)

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US$ 2.77

US$ 2.77


  • Front message: The ABC of LOVE Chemistry
  • Step A: Lock your eyes often….. it helps connect and makes two people fall deeper in love!
  • Step B: Hold hands… get that touch… the warmth of your partner will reach straight to your heart!
  • Step C: Don’t be afraid to get naughty at times…. It creates magic!
  • Step D: Give surprises of all kinds… woo your sweetheart a million times!
  • Step E: Anger, arguments and fights are damn cool; coz the patch up later makes love sizzling hot!
  • Step F: Don’t mind that passionate kiss… it will tell you how much you’re loved and missed!
  • Step G: Don’t ignore those secret fantasies, share them, enjoy them and whenever possible…. Live them!
  • Step H: Sometimes… drink from the same cup… it strengthens the feeling of togetherness!
  • Step I: Make jealous…be jealous… coz jealously adds spice to love!
  • Step J: Express love… nothing better works than showing how much you love your beloved!
  • Inside message: I hope our Chemistry sizzles all through, just Wanna tell you HONEY I really Love You!
  • Dimensions: 28cm by 21.8cm
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