Valentine's Day Card (rv000124) (GCPKR013)

Seller Muncha

US$ 2.68

US$ 2.68


  • Front message: Love Ke Side Effects
  • Heartburn: My heart burns… when you get ANGERY with me
  • Allergy: I am allergic to everything that you DON”T LIKE
  • Palpitation: I get hell nervous when you IGNORE me… for someone else
  • Blood Pressure: Your MOODS direct the circulation of blood in my body
  • Forgetfulness: I can’t remember anything else but you
  • Sleeplessness: All night keep turning in my bed… when you don’t give me ATTNTION
  • Stress: I get stressed…. When I don’t SEE YOU for too long
  • Depression: Your ABSENCE makes me totally depressed
  • Fever: And you SURE … turn on the heat within me
  • Inside message: Your love is the Reason your love is the Cure, I just love these Side effects, I want you More & more! I love you
  • Dimensions: 28cm by 21.8cm
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