22 Putali

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A Presentation of Mahabouddha Records :
Kamal Gaule's"22 Putali"

      1. 601 hul ka Hami Thari Thari Nepali
      Vocal : Kamal Gaule
      Lyrics : Bimal Aarohi

      2. Dialogue

      3. Lok Tantra Aayo, Ganatantra Aayo Janta le Ke Payo 16 Ghanta Loadshedding
      Vocal/Lyrics : Kamal Gaule

      4. Dialogue

      5. Prachanda Lai Nabhana Jaali
      Vocal/Lyrics : Ramesh Raj Bhattarai

      6. Dialogue

      7. Dialogue

      8. Congress lai Fapeko Pesa
      Vocal : Ramesh Raj Bhattarai, Chandraa Gurung
      Lyrics : Ramesh Raj Bhattarai

      9. Dialogue

      10. Yasto Pani Hudo Raicha Ganatantra Aayepachi
      Vocal/Lyrics : Kamal Gaule

      11. Dialogue

      12. Bhandai Holi Bancharile Bhaka Milai Milai
      Vocal/Lyrics : Kamal Gaule

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