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A Presentation of DurgishFilms :
Durgish Thapa's"Saayad"

  • Producer : Anil Rawal & Sunil Rawal
  • Screen Writer/Director : Suroj Subba 'Nalbo'
  • Cinematography : Sanjay Lama
  • Music : Shadows Band, Araaj Keshav, Baboo Bogati
  • Edited by : Bipin Malla
  • Featuring : Jharana Thapa, Sunil Rawal, Samyam Puri, Wilson Bikram Rai, Yubraj Lama, Kabita Ale, Araaj Keshav Giri, Sushma Karki, Dinesh Rawal, Ritika Lama, Kishore Sambahangphe, Raj Thapa
  • Special Appearance : Baboo Bogati, Karishma Manandhar

Saayad is the story of two generations living together, but experiencing the world in very different ways. Whereas the influence of a sincere, hardworking friend transforms the lives of a group of friends for the better, the arrogance of, lack of guidance for the newer generation sets another group of friends on a track of drugs, death and destruction. The generational clash reveals how moral authority has become corrupted in Nepali society, how the alienation of the younger generation is pushing them to anarchy.
Acclaimed writer-director Suroj Subba 'Nalbo' has crafted a powerful coming-of-age moral tale, touching upon the dreams and heartbreaks of the young, and the improbable responsibilities of he mature generations. Saayad is a rare gem in Nepali Cinema.

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