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A Presentation of The Sky Movies :

  • Producer : Akash Adhikari & Ben-Nabin Adhikari
  • Story/Lyrics/Director : Akash Adhikari
  • Cinematography : Dirgha Gurung
  • Music : Rahul Pradhan
  • Thrills : Roshan Shrestha
  • Screenplay/Dialogue : Suraj Subba 'Nalbo'
  • Edited by : Banish Shah, Badri Lamichhane
  • Featuring : Aakash Adhikari, Resh Marhatta (USA), Gauri Malla, Arjun Shrestha, Ben-Nabin Adhikari, Suresh Adhikari, Sangita Chhetri, Sunil Datta Pandey, Shubhadra Adhikari, Mamta Pradhan
  • Introducing : Prapti Ghimire, Samyukta Rana
  • Guest Appearance : Ani Choying Dolma, Sukhwinder Singh

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, where people having high ambitions come from different parts of the country in search of better opportunities, is greatly influenced by the modern technological advancement as many other cities of the world. Because of the unanticipated developments in science and technology in the world in general, there is a great need for the young people in each society to keep abreast with the changing trends.
But, why are some youngsters worried and aimless? Is it due to lack of opportunities? Is it due to modernization? Is it due to the generation gap? Is it due to the tough competetion? Is it due to lack of access? Whatever are the reasons - smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, discos and parties are not the solutions of life, even though they entangle into these things instead of worrying about their careers and the future of the nation. Why do they make these things as their part of life?
Who is responsible for this situation - Parents...? Youngsters...? Civic society...? Teachers...? Politicians...? Government...? Or the social structure itself...? This is not the story of a single society and a family. Everybody has to be responsible and must have serious thoughts and perceptions about it.

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